Pedro Sánchez informally gathered the members of his Government this Saturday at the Quintos de Mora state farm (Los Yébenes, Toledo) to “give a boost to the legislature” and “continue transforming the country.” A push that will insist, according to the Minister Spokesperson, Pilar Alegría, in a video sent to the media, on “dialogue and agreement” because it is “the only way to guarantee social peace and the durability of the measures over time.” ».

The president’s meeting with the ministers was held three days after the parliamentary plenary session in which the Executive managed to approve two of the first three decrees of the legislature after giving in in extremis to all the demands raised by Junts, the party led since Waterloo by the escaped Carles Puigdemont. Concessions harshly criticized by the opposition and that have also raised astonishment in a part of socialism.

Alegría, in the message sent to the media, did not refer to this new package of concessions to the independence movement, but he did praise the Government by assuring that “everything” it does is “with dialogue and agreement” and, in line with this statement, reviewed the measures implemented by the coalition Executive in its first two months of the new mandate: revalue pensions, raise the minimum interprofessional wage, extend the social shield, approve the parity law, allocate 1,000 million euros to science and achieve the transfer of a new European aid package for an amount of 10,000 million euros. There was no mention of the failure of the decree sponsored by the second vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, to modify the amounts of unemployment benefits and adopt measures in favor of the reconciliation of work and family life. Nor was there any reference to the leading role played in that failure by the five Podemos deputies, split off and in conflict with the Sumar coalition.

Alegría emphasized that the “impulse” that the Government intends to give to its mandate will have three objectives: create more and better jobs; promote rights and improve coexistence.

The list of achievements and intentions was finished with an attack against the “reactionary and antisocial coalition of the PP and Vox”, two forces to which the Government assimilates, for having “voted against social measures” such as the increase in pensions or free transportation and for “proposing to outlaw political parties that do not think like them.”

The government spokesperson was thus referring to the amendment to the entirety with alternative text presented by the popular ones, and which was knocked down last Wednesday in Congress, against the proposed Amnesty Law, an initiative that now after passing the amendments process The entirety will go to the Justice Commission for debate on the partial amendments that can be registered in the Chamber until next Tuesday.

August 2018. The meeting held this Saturday in Quintos de Mora is the third that Sánchez calls on the State property. The first was in August 2018 after the motion of censure that he presented against Mariano Rajoy was successful.

February 2020. The second occasion was in February 2020 when the president brought together the members of his first coalition government there for an informal day of coexistence.