The production of renewable energies in Portugal reached a new record in 2023, providing 61% of the electricity consumed in the Iberian country, the manager of the national energy networks (REN) announced on Tuesday (January 2).

For a total of 31.2 terawatt hours (TWh) in renewable energy, wind power produced 25% of the electricity consumed in Portugal last year, ahead of hydroelectricity (23%), photovoltaic energy ( 7%) and biomass (6%), REN said in a press release.

It is the production of energy from hydroelectric origin which experienced the largest increase (70%), after a year 2022 marked by drought, followed by photovoltaic production (43%), which benefited from an increase progressive increase in installed capacity.

While total electricity consumption reached its highest level since 2018, non-renewable energy production accounted for only 19% of this consumption, as Portugal imported 20% of its electricity needs in 2023.

Consumption of natural gas, imported by sea mainly from Nigeria (42%) and the United States (40%), on the other hand fell by 21% year-on-year, falling to its lowest level since 2014.