Maybe you are one of the lucky ones. The Union Retraite group, which brings together the organizations managing compulsory retirement plans, has been sending a letter to certain retirees since 2023 to warn them of good news: they are holders of unclaimed retirement rights. Such an information campaign has already been carried out among retirees born in 1947 and 1948. Another is planned this year for those born in 1949, 1950 and 1954, a spokesperson for the organization told the magazine 60 millions of consumers. 

Even if you have not received this letter, you may also be affected by these “forgotten rights”. And to be sure, you can check it. 

To do this, simply connect to the portal. If you don’t already have one, you can then create a personal account. 

Once you arrive on your page, you can then check if: 

Please note that, if you are retired, there is also assistance from which you could benefit and which is also often forgotten. 

Then, it is up to you, if necessary, to make the request to obtain your rights from the retirement fund(s) and savings organizations concerned. Please note, this principle is not retroactive: in other words, if you realize that you had forgotten certain rights for a long time, you will not be able to obtain the amounts which had not been paid to you before your request. However, you can have your rights reinstated for future deadlines. 

Please note: “not all retirement contracts can be liquidated immediately, particularly for holders of ‘article 39’, ‘Perco’ and ‘article 83’ contracts. Finally, in certain specific cases, early releases may be authorized: disability, death of a spouse, over-indebtedness, purchase of a main residence,” we can read on a special information page from Société Générale. 

Furthermore, if you notice an error in your pension, it is possible to request a review. Be careful not to make these common mistakes when you retire. 

According to a report from the Court of Auditors based on data from the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (APCR) dating from 2019, there remained some 13.3 billion euros of unliquidated pensions after the retirement age (62 at the time). 

A 2021 law relating to the escheat of supplementary retirement contracts aims precisely to put an end to these situations by entrusting Union Retraite, which supervises the site, with the task of improving user information on this subject. . This is why, since 2022, you can carry out the checks detailed above.