Neugersdorf/Bautzen (dpa/sn) – A 1.20 meter high bronze figure was stolen from a cemetery in Neugersdorf (Görlitz district). The thieves forcibly entered the cemetery grounds and took the grave sculpture from the base, the police said on Tuesday. The figure represented a seated man.

The perpetrators also removed a second grave figure from its base, but left it at the crime scene. The incident reportedly happened early Monday morning. The thieves caused a steal damage of 50,000 euros. Neugersdorf is a district of the town of Ebersbach-Neugersdorf. The police are looking for witnesses.

A bronze figure was also stolen from a cemetery in Bautzen last weekend. The statue, which is about 20 by 40 centimeters in size, is worth about 1,200 euros, according to the police. The thieves also caused property damage of around 100 euros.