Dresden (dpa / sn) – The CDU parliamentary group in the Saxon state parliament has spoken out in favor of shooting down wolves in the Free State. “The stocks are secure. What is no longer secure is the acceptance of the rural population. We don’t want to eradicate the wolf, but we want to get back to proportionality,” said deputy parliamentary group leader Georg-Ludwig von Breitenbuch on Tuesday. The wolf enjoys a protective status that it no longer needs due to the population size. “The protection category of the wolf has to be lowered slightly in order for it to be hunted.” One must finally come to normality in the species protection of the wolf.

The CDU adopted a position paper entitled “The wolf is not a cuddly toy” and listed ten points in it. The stock regulation must become part of the political considerations, it says, among other things. “Against the background that the wolf population density is nowhere as high as in Upper Lusatia and Saxony, the Saxon wolf management must deal intensively with the question of how the needs of land users are alleviated and their interests protected.” The aim is to create the legal prerequisites for the “active stock management of the wolf” in Saxony. “An annual removal rate of wolves must be set on a scientific basis.”

The list of demands is primarily aimed at the Greens-led Ministry of the Environment, which is also responsible for forestry in Saxony.