Passengers on a flight bound for South Korea have suffered a major fright after one of them opened the plane’s emergency door while they were in the air. The affected flight was OZ8124, of the airline, Asiana, which linked the island of Jeju with the Daegu airport, located about 240 kilometers southeast of Seoul. There were 194 passengers on board and nine of them had to be treated for respiratory problems.

It was 11:49 a.m. when the plane took off and, according to testimonies on board, at 12:45 p.m. a man in his 30s opened the aircraft’s emergency door without warning, about five minutes before landing. The subject has been detained and security forces are currently investigating what happened.

The plane managed to land with the door open and there have been no injuries and no one has fallen from the plane during landing. However, nine passengers have been hospitalized due to respiratory problems such as hyperventilation after the event.

The passengers have described that there were scenes of panic on board the plane when the current began to break into the cabin with force, causing many children to cry. Around fifty primary and secondary students were traveling on the plane with the aim of participating in a sports competition in Ulsan, 60 kilometers east of Daegu.

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