On November 12, the National Police completed a singular device in Alicante peppered with a plan as stupid as it was crazy that gives a good account of the profile of its protagonists.

The assault on the apartment that the agents stopped was as particular as it was implausible since the ideologist of the robbery was a neighbor of the owner who took advantage of the fact that she knew that she was not at home to access the home with two accomplices and try to rob it by force. , in the afternoon and without any type of discretion.

The rapid intervention of the Police and the warning of the neighbors were decisive in a robbery – which finally remained an attempt – that barely lasted two hours. The event begins at 6:30 p.m. on the afternoon of November 12. It was Sunday.

In the robbers’ theory, it had to be a smooth performance. It was quite the opposite. Their clothing (they were hooded) and their lack of tact in destroying the bowler hat on the front door.

The loud bangs caused the neighbor across the street to stand in front of his peephole when he heard strange noises on the landing. He observed two hooded men. They went up and down the stairs and stood in front of their neighbor’s door several times, something that disconcerted the neighbor. The man notified the Police and a patrol from the Citizen Assistance Group (GAC) traveled to the building.

Meanwhile, the thieves managed to burst the lock cylinder with a utensil – a kind of special corkscrew – that the terrorist group ETA used to force car locks. Once inside, the woman and the two men began to stir things up. They managed to get a total of 640 euros in cash.

The noise of furniture and appliances that they were trying to take alerted the rest of the neighbors. They had an open van on the street with the intention of taking the belongings. But he didn’t give them time.

Two agents went up the stairs and ran into one of the arrested men, who confronted them and tried to flee. Inside the house, GAC troops made the other two arrests.

In a first search, investigation sources reveal, the police officers seized 110 euros in the pocket of one of the men. Already in the dungeons, in a more intense search, they discovered that he was hiding the rest of the money in his clothes.

Both men have an extensive criminal history. One of them has two previous arrests for drug trafficking while the other has six: one for robbery with violence, another for a claim and the rest for disobedience to authority.

The investigation is directed by the Violent Crime Unit (UDEV) of the Alicante Provincial Police Station, whose agents are conducting the proceedings. In her statement, the woman stated that she masterminded the robbery because she knew that her neighbor was not home that day.