The Collective of Victims of Terrorism (Covite) has denounced this Tuesday the celebration of thirteen events organized in different locations in the Basque Country and Covite denounces 13 events held on New Year’s Eve to request the release of ETA prisoners last New Year’s Eve “to request the release” of ETA prisoners .

“This is their particular Christmas tradition and farewell to the year,” Covite criticized in a thread published on the social network and Sare, according to Covite.

Among these events, the victims’ group cites three “New Year’s Eve tables” with images of ETA members organized in Hernani (Guipúzcoa), Bilbao and Ondarroa (Vizcaya) by Ernai, Sortu and Sare, respectively, several of whom have been “convicted for murder or attempted murder.”

In this last town in Biscay, Covite also denounces the call for a demonstration by “the City Council itself, in favor of “the release of ETA members”, referring to them as “political prisoners”, in an action that the group of victims describes as ” outrageous” due to the fact that “some Basque institutions can act like this with total impunity”.

Likewise, it regrets the placement of a series of “empty chairs” by Sortu in Irun (Gipuzkoa) with images of ETA members and an act by Sare in Arrasate (Guipúzcoa) in favor of the “amnesty” of other ETA members such as Unai Parot, Eugenio Barrutiabengoa, “Arbe”, and José Manuel Pagoaga, “Peixoto”, the latter two “fugitives from justice”.

In addition to these events, Covite lists in his thread seven other similar actions developed in various places such as Vitoria, Lodosa (Navarre), Villabona (Guipúzcoa), Bilbao, San Sebastian and Lasarte-Oria.