Two bags with a total of six decapitated animals thrown on the sidewalk have appeared on La Revoleada street, in El Sobradillo, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, as reported by the PACMA Animalist Party.

A neighbor who was walking through the area gave the call to emergencies and to the Tenerife Animal Defense Association, which went to the place, where members of the PACMA Animalist Party team also attended.

Specifically, a goat, a turtle, two roosters and two chicks were found, all without heads. The goat, whose corpse was initially confused with that of a dog, since it was inside several bags, seemed to have been sacrificed a few hours earlier due to its state of decomposition, in the initial phase. The body protruded partially from the bag, which caught the attention of the passerby, who suspected that there could be more dead animals in another adjoining bag.

This suspicion was confirmed upon the arrival of the volunteers, who also found the decapitated corpse of an elderly Florida tortoise, the bodies of two adult roosters and two headless chicks, along with four portions of a coconut. . All the heads except the goat’s were in the same bag and, say those present, that the cuts did not appear “clean”, suggesting that the heads could have been torn off.

The volunteers waited with the animals until the arrival of the summoned Local Police patrol, which drew up a report to proceed with the removal of the corpses by the municipal service. In the absence of ear tags or any other identification method, the PACMA Animalist Party appeals to citizen collaboration to find the person responsible for such an atrocious act.

The events will be denounced by the Tenerife Animal Defense Association, while the Animalist Party has already disseminated the images through its social networks making a “call for sanity” and denouncing the exposure of these animals to Santeria rituals, whose remains They are usually found relatively frequently in various parts of the island.

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