Two hooded men robbed at gunpoint early this Thursday a lottery administration in the city of Lugo, from which they took loot, according to the lottery’s own estimate, of “close to 400,000 euros.”

The events took place at 8:30 a.m., when the owner of the Lottery Administration number 10 located on Lamas de Prado Street in the capital of Lugo, Guillermo Rodríguez, was preparing to open his business, according to the person in charge himself. of the establishment.

At that moment, two people with their faces and hands covered burst into the premises, pointing guns at him and forcing him to hand over the money from the two safes to them.

After the assault, which lasted “about eight minutes” since the safes have a delay mechanism that does not allow immediate access to their contents, the administrator alerted the police, who quickly arrived at the scene. of the facts.

“It was a very long few minutes with a gun pointed at my head. I was talking to my wife in the morning about where we were going to eat. The last thing you expect when you leave the house is that something like that could happen, but in 30 seconds you’ll be can change everything,” Guillermo Rodríguez acknowledged in statements to Europa Press.

Later, he reconstructed what happened during the assault: “I was alone in the administration when two hooded men ran in, gun in hand, and told me: This is a robbery! The keys, the keys! The boxes, the boxes!”, he explained, and then added: “I was afraid, panic. They had me pinned against the box for five minutes. They told me: we are Colombians, we come for the money, if you behave well nothing will happen to you “.

Just ten minutes after the robbery, at around 8:45 a.m., two National Police patrols and two other Local Police patrols appeared at the Lottery Administration.

Guillermo Rodríguez has been working as a lottery “in the family business” for more than ten years. He is the owner of the Lottery Administration that was attacked this Thursday since 2020. The robbery has taken place, he regrets, “in the week of the year in which there is the most money in a Lottery Administration.”

“They took everything. They even took bank checks that they cannot cash. About 400,000 euros because the lottery they had withheld from me was involved, the 230,000 euros that I had to pay, plus the entire commission. It is just this week that coincides between what They keep you from Christmas and the Three Kings draw,” he explains.

After the event, and while waiting to make the pertinent report at the police station to account for the details of the assault and “declare the losses” suffered, the administrator has informed the insurance company of what happened at Lottery Administration number 10 in Lugo .

The Scientific Police have dedicated the entire morning to reviewing the security cameras and taking samples in the establishment’s offices while the investigation to clarify what happened continues.