The Pasapalabra jackpot continues to grow and now exceeds 1.3 million euros. The duel to take such loot becomes red hot. In the middle of this battle, four new celebrities appear on the set with the double objective of becoming the contestants’ best allies and livening up the atmosphere. Roberto Leal welcomes the group of guests who will be on the king of the afternoon program from January 12 to 16, in the case of actors Verónica Echegui and Adam Jezierski. Let’s get to know this latest guest better.

Adam Jezierski Roswas born in Warsaw 33 years ago (1990), although at the age of 7 he left Poland to settle in Madrid with his mother.

Just five years after his arrival in Spain, young Adam entered the world of acting. His first role was Achan, the child protagonist in the fiction short film Sueños, by actor and director Daniel Guzmán, winner of the 2004 Goya Award.

Shortly after, Jezierski entered television, with sporadic appearances in such legendary series as Hospital Central (Telecinco) or Cuéntame how happened (La 1). However, in 2008 came the project that catapulted him to fame: Physics or chemistry, the Antena 3 series that became a generational phenomenon.

His role as Gorka in Physics and Chemistry during the first four seasons gave him so much popularity that it allowed him to try his luck in music. She gave voice to some songs on the series’ album with the group Cinco de Enero and even dared to be a soloist.

It was also during that successful era that Adam Jezierski achieved his first film role with the film Gordos (2009), directed by Daniel Sánchez Arévalo and nominated for eight Goya statuettes (Raúl Arévalo won Best Supporting Actor).

With Physics and Chemistry still in full popularity, the Polish-Spanish actor decided to leave the series so that Gorka would not end up devouring him professionally. Since then, he has made films and a lot of theater and has dedicated himself mainly to comedy in series such as Con el culo al aire, Gym Tony, Vota Juan and Vamos Juan. In these last two series, starring Javier Cámara, Jezierski obtained two nominations for the Feroz Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Series (2020 and 2022).

His latest project is Los Farad, a series released in December 2023 and available on Primer Video. Adam Jezierski plays a member of the Farad family, dedicated to the arms trade in Marbella in the 1980s.