Erfurt (dpa/th) – People in Thuringia used the Google search engine to search for the “Queen” particularly frequently this year. The deceased queen came in first place in the Google annual review for 2022 in Bavaria, as Google announced on Friday. According to the top 7 list, “Women’s European Championship” followed in second place, followed by “Heating oil prices”.

Searches for the effects of the weather were also particularly common in Thuringia: “Warning against gusts of wind” came in 4th place. People in Thuringia often searched for sporting events. The 5th place was “Europa League”. This was followed by “Putin” and the viral disease “monkeypox”.

On Wednesday, Google published the nationwide “Search Terms of the Year 2022”. They were headed by the word “Ukraine”. The term “2022 World Cup” took second place among general searches, followed by the 2022 Winter Olympics.