Erfurt (dpa/th) – In a special session of the state parliament (9 a.m.), the long-controversial budget for 2023 is to be decided today. The Budget Committee only agreed a week ago on a number of corrections in the government draft, which has been in the state parliament since September. The budget has a record volume of around 13 billion euros. In order to finance it, the country has to liquidate a large part of its financial reserves. The vote on the figures is not expected until late in the evening.

The budget does not include the actually planned repayment of part of the loans that Thuringia took out for its Corona aid program. The state government is to be requested by motion for a resolution to use around 150 million euros from unused funds for debt repayment. There is said to be a demonstration in front of the state parliament, to which the DGB has called for cuts in the state program for democracy.

The state parliament has run out of time for the 2023 budget because the minority coalition of Left, SPD and Greens has not been able to agree on a compromise with the opposition CDU for a long time. Red-Red-Green is dependent on opposition votes – the coalition lacks four votes for its own decisions in Parliament.