The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, showed this Sunday that he still believes in his country’s victory over Russia by ensuring that the Kremlin forces can be defeated with the solidarity of the West, while he has stated that the situation in the field of battle is currently relatively “stable”.

“Russia can be defeated with our mutual solidarity,” he stated at the opening by videoconference of the annual national defense conference in Sälen, in southwestern Sweden, according to the TT agency.

The president thanked everyone who showed their solidarity with Ukraine and supported the country in the fight against Russia, including Sweden with the Archer artillery system.

In just a few days, between December 29 and January 2, Russia launched some 500 missiles and drones over Ukraine, he recalled.

“Thanks to the help we received, we were able to shoot down 70%” of the rockets, the Ukrainian leader said.

Zelensky has maintained that the situation on the front is relatively “stable,” but Ukraine “still needs help with military equipment, mainly to prevent Russia from gaining an advantage in the airspace.”

The Ukrainian president has also maintained that Europe needs an arms industry and a common defense to guarantee its freedom.

Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström stated at the same conference that the main opportunity to limit Russia’s room for maneuver is strong and sustained support for Ukraine.

He has also indicated that Russia will foreseeably represent a serious threat to the security of Sweden and Europe in the future.

“We must be realistic and start from a long-term confrontation and prepare for it,” Billström said.

It is in Sweden’s interest that Russia’s options for action are limited both militarily and economically and politically, he said.

The head of Swedish diplomacy has also pointed out that Sweden’s entry into NATO implies that the country actively participates not only in defense and security around NATO’s borders with Russia, but also, for example, around to the southern flank of Europe and in the Arctic.