If the arrival of the sixties logically rhymes with retirement, it happens that, for some seniors, it is still time to talk about unemployment. In a world where the decline in purchasing power and the ravages of inflation are undeniable, it is sometimes difficult to know how to improve your financial situation from this perspective. As retirement approaches, however, solutions are offered to support them in this context and help them with their financial situation. At what age will you stop receiving unemployment?

Advancing age, particularly in a context where one’s career has been interrupted, can be a source of anxiety for seniors. While it should be a time of celebration with the arrival of retirement, concern will rear its head if unemployment is still present. Fortunately, there are measures available for unemployed workers aged 62 and over, who are able to maintain their unemployment insurance coverage until they retire.

In the French process, it is allowed to benefit from protection in the event of involuntary loss of employment. The rights maintenance system allows people aged 62 and over to maintain their unemployment insurance coverage until they retire. This is a development that allows seniors to transition more easily into retirement. In order to benefit from this system, it is nevertheless necessary to meet specific conditions.

To obtain this right, you must meet several criteria. You must be at least 62 years old, have been receiving compensation for at least one year, i.e. 365 days, have validated at least 100 quarters of contributions and have worked 12 years with payment of unemployment insurance contributions. 

With this system, the insured is, therefore, subject to the same rules as the Return to Employment Assistance Allowance, ARE, until retirement. As our colleagues at Pleine Vie point out, he complies with the “daily allowance amount” and the “obligation to look for a job” without having the possibility of recharging his right.

In the context where you cannot claim unemployment compensation after age 62, you still have the right to assimilate quarters thanks to uncompensated unemployment. However, no points will be awarded for supplementary retirement. It is nevertheless possible to claim ASS during periods of uncompensated or unpaid unemployment.

Only the ASS allows you to benefit from points for your supplementary pension. Whether unemployment is compensated or not, France Travail automatically transmits the information of the insured to the National Old Age Insurance Fund, Cnav. As a reminder, the transition from unemployment benefits to retirement is not automatic, it is therefore essential to request payment of your pension four to six months before your retirement date.