The machine is launched. According to American media projections, former American President Donald Trump won the Republican primary in Iowa on Monday, January 15 evening, the first step in the path to the November presidential election.

According to CNN and CBS, he is ahead of former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in the caucus of this Midwestern state, thus consolidating his status as a big favorite of the right for the presidential election.

At 7 p.m. local time on Monday, Republican voters began gathering at Iowa schools, libraries and fire stations for these campaign meetings. After a prayer and a recitation of the traditional pledge of allegiance to the American flag, representatives of the candidates gave a speech in favor of their favorite before participants wrote their choice on a piece of paper.

For the first time since he left power, Donald Trump, four times criminally charged, faced the judgment of voters and the result confirms the trend given by the polls where he has a very comfortable margin on his competitors.

“We will win hands down.”

The bitter cold affecting Iowa has not affected the motivation of his supporters. The state was hit by a snowstorm and the thermometer was expected to be close to -30°C at the time of the vote, with icy roads.

Starting next week, the highly orchestrated ballet of the primaries will take the candidates to New Hampshire, before each of the fifty states votes in turn until June. In their sights, the national convention in July, which will officially nominate the Republican presidential candidate.

“We will win hands down,” Donald Trump assured his activists, promising to oust Joe Biden from power during the November presidential election. The billionaire wants at all costs to knock out all competition within the Grand Old Party to ensure his victory before his trials begin, some of which put him at risk of prison.