The United States continues to support Ukraine. This Tuesday, April 4, Washington announced a new tranche of military aid, to the tune of $2.6 billion, bringing to $35.1 billion the aid provided by the United States since the start of the offensive. Russian.

This new tranche includes, in particular, Patriot anti-aircraft defense missiles and artillery ammunition. They will deliver, immediately, 500 million dollars of armament drawn from their stocks and 2.1 billion dollars representing orders with the industry of defense, specified the Pentagon.

Very soon after this announcement, Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, expressed his appreciation by thanking Washington for its “unwavering support”. “Ukraine is waiting for ammunition, air defense missiles and artillery shells in particular,” he added on Twitter.

Grateful to ���� for new large-scale $2.6 billion defense aid package for ����. We expect HIMARS ammunition, air defense missiles, artillery shells

In addition to air defense interceptors, Ukrainian forces will receive additional ammunition for the US-made Himars high-precision mobile rocket launcher systems and artillery missiles, as well as miscellaneous ammunition and spare parts, it said. the US Department of Defense. Orders to industry are mainly for anti-aircraft equipment and artillery.