Meteo France says that no department is on orange for thunderstorms this Sunday morning. However, residents wake up shocked by the extent of the damage done by these severe storms, which have swept across large parts of the country since Saturday afternoon.

Meteo-France reports that the electrical activity was intense and produced around 50,000 lightning strikes within 24 hours.

After these storms, the toll can be heavy. A woman in her thirties was swept under a car by the waters of Rouen.

At a press conference this Sunday morning Gerald Darmanin, Interior Minister, stated that the stormy episode of extraordinary magnitude, due to the sheer number of departments involved, had also left 15 people injured, two of them seriously. A 13-year old girl was seriously injured in an accident that occurred on Indre-et Loire’s public highway. She is currently in critical condition.

Minister also highlighted that 15,000 homes still have no electricity on Sunday morning.

Meteo-France reports that wind gusts exceeded 100 km/h in Yonne, close to Avallon. In Dornes, south of Nievre in the south, more than 30 mm of rain fell in 12 minutes. Meteo-France still records that more than.500 lightning strikes were recorded in the Loire area.

Hailstones measuring several centimeters fell on parts of the Armagnac vineyard in the Landes and Gers. Montreal-du-Gers had hailstones larger than a golfball! Olivier Goujon, director of the Armagnac Interprofession, said that it was. There have been 4,500 power outages in the Landes.

The “We love green” music festival in Vincennes east of Paris was cancelled and the 40,000 festival-goers evacuated.

The National Estate of Chambord, Loir-et Cher, was home to 30,000 French Scouts.

Spectacular view in Nanteuil-les-Meaux (Seine-et-Marne), where lightning struck the roof of a house, igniting a fire. The owners were not there at the time.

Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister, promised that the government would “be there for the affected territories” and turn to “victims in bad weather which has hit the whole of country and rescue teams that have carried out hundreds of interventions”.