It’s easy to explore a city with a rental car, as you have the entire vehicle all to yourself and can drive to the location of your choice quickly and conveniently. It becomes all the more beneficial when you drive a rental model that you like and enjoy using. Renting a car is certainly better than taking the public transportation system, which works according to a given timetable.

How do you go about finding the best rental car? Search online for the best car rentals in the destination city and do a comparative analysis of their pricing and policies. Rent a car online in just minutes, and when you have arrived at the destination, reach the car rental location to drive away with the model that you have selected. Here is a look at key things to check before renting a car online:

  1. The first thing that needs to be checked is if your licence is valid in the place you are staying. Don’t wait until the last minute to find out, as it will certainly damper the plans you have for renting and driving the car around the place. Look into the need for an International Driver’s Permit (IDP). IDPs, which can take some time but are essential to driving a car in a foreign location.
  1. Get ready for the many documents needed to rent a car. For example, you need a driver’s licence, a credit card, proof of reservation, an ID, and lo, an international driver’s permit. Be sure to bring them along safely and securely in a document file that is always kept securely. Once you have completed the rental car booking online, you need to print a copy of the rental agreement. Show it to the rental agency at the destination so that they charge only what you have paid online and do not levy any extra fees or try to sell you something additional by way of service or protection.
  1. Look into the safety of the streets in the destination city. Are they good, or are they filled with potholes that can make driving difficult? What about places where you shouldn’t be driving? How many are there, and how do you go about avoiding them when driving?
  1. Before booking the car, you need to check up on the rental car’s fuel charges, caution deposit, delay fees, kilometre limit, and cancellation policy. Such details help you decide where or not you want to rent and what you need to pay while renting. It is common for the rental car insurance company to see collision coverage on the car you are renting. However, do not take this because such coverage can be provided by credit cards for up to 30 days. It can also be included in your car insurance policy.

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  1. What about toll fees, and how can they be paid? As you drive across the border, you have to pay them upfront in most places. However, there can be situations where the payment happens later. For example, in Portugal, toll fees should be paid at a post office five days after crossing them.
  1. You need to select the right type of car based on so many considerations, as only then will renting a car and driving it will become convenient. Look into factors like rental pricing, the comfort of the car model, distance that you will be driving, storage space for your luggage, gas mileage from extras in the car like air conditioning and GPS, etc. Carefully check these points to select a model that keeps you happy as you drive on the roads.
  1. Find out about any fees or taxes that you might be charged in a certain area of the destination city. For example, in London, you need to pay a small fee to drive to the city centre. In other cities, this is prohibited during the day. Following such rules will help you avoid getting a ticket on the trip.
  1. Look into where the car can be parked at the destination because you will be charged for it. Look at free parking options so that there is a good place where you can put the rental car at the end of the day without keeping it in the streets. For example, you can ask the staff of the hotel where you are staying about their available parking options in the street close by.
  1. There are certain rules that have to be followed while renting, as otherwise you will be charged extra. The first important rule is to keep the keys safe so that you can give them back. Always give the rental car back on time and fill up the tank completely before delivering it.
  1. Look into what process they have to deal with a car breakdown or getting stuck somewhere. You can usually read it up in the rental agreement, but you can also call and speak to staff about it. Inspect the car on the outside properly to find issues like glass damage, under bumper damage, whether the tyres are in good condition, whether the fuel cap is present, and much more. Only if you are satisfied with the condition of the car should you proceed to rent it.

It is easy to commute in a new city while driving a rental car, as you can move about at your own pace. Just select a model that you feel is comfortable and inclusive of features that you enjoy using while driving. Rent a car online, as it enables you to get exactly the deal you want in just minutes. It’s easy to book online, and once the booking is done, print out the rental agreement to show at the car rental office upon arrival. Driving a rental car with your family will add to the fun and enthusiasm of exploring a new city and getting to know local sights and sounds in a much closer way.