Citroën Launches Revolutionary ë-C3 Commercial Campaign

Citroën, a brand known for its bold engineering innovations and creative excellence, is making waves with the launch of the all-new ë-C3 commercial campaign. The French automaker is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle market with its groundbreaking 360° campaign, set to go live in France on June 1st and throughout Europe in July.

The new ë-C3 is breaking barriers by offering electric mobility at an affordable price of €23,300, making it accessible to everyone. With a range of up to 320km, the ë-C3 boasts a new design with SUV codes, signature Citroën comfort, and is made in Europe.

To showcase the accessibility and innovation of the ë-C3, Citroën has launched an equally disruptive advertising campaign. The production set-up for the campaign was fully integrated, creating multiple assets simultaneously for maximum impact across all media channels.

The campaign features a TV ad shot at a Hungarian chateau, featuring award-winning director Fredrik Bond and a soundtrack of David Bowie’s “Suffragette City.” In addition to the TV ad, Citroën created a wealth of content for social media, digital capsules, and key visuals, all generated in formats perfectly adapted to their respective platforms.

Citroën’s Marketing and Communications SVP, Federico Goyret, expressed that the new ë-C3 deserved a visually stunning campaign that captures the revolutionary essence of the product. The brand’s historically creative approach to advertising shines through in this campaign, embodying Citroën’s ethos of doing things differently.

This innovative campaign may mark a milestone for the automotive industry, but for Citroën, it is simply part of a long and proud tradition of creative excellence. The ë-C3 commercial campaign sets the bar high for future advertising endeavors, cementing Citroën’s reputation as a brand that pushes boundaries and challenges norms in the world of motoring.