Thieves Caught on CCTV as Family Sets Up Cameras to Protect Home from Intruders

In a terrifying ordeal, night shift nurse Jessica witnessed a home invasion unfold live on her phone while she was at work, with her husband and children asleep at home. Three youths were spotted trying to break into the family’s home in Hervey Bay, Queensland, prompting Jessica to alert her husband Nathan. The thieves quickly made their way inside, stealing Nathan’s wallet and keys.

The incident was captured by the home security cameras that the couple had initially set up to catch one of their children sneaking chocolate from the kitchen. Despite their efforts to secure their home, Jessica and Nathan are now speaking out about the Queensland youth crime crisis and warning others not to underestimate the risk of home invasion.

The couple’s harrowing experience serves as a stark reminder that security measures, such as CCTV cameras, are crucial in protecting one’s home and loved ones. As Jessica aptly puts it, “They’re not just stealing possessions, they’re stealing parts of people’s lives… like they’ve stolen our safety.”