the joke is: The times in which it was his affiliation to the global network for the In-Group, by kübelte for a good purpose, a bucket of ice water over the head and documents of this philanthropist was Jamboree called the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, to Collect donations for the exploration of a nervous disease, online are long gone. Anyone who wants to succeed in the social networks, you must cultivate the display of a company’s political stance, and seriously.

Now, one might see a lot of Good that celebrities such as Unknown based on Instagram with “Black Lives Matter” solid, by clicking on the “Blackout Tuesday”, a black image tile posted instead of, let’s say, the usual Avocado Toast of the day. You may also find it cute that since recently, a lot of women, among them professional actors to show the class how Khloé Kardashian, Eva Longoria and Reese Witherspoon, instead of just Selfies of publishing self-portraits in Black-and-White online in order to bring under the Heading of “Challenge Accepted” mutual assistance of women to expression and “Empowerment” to. The asseveration of solidarity is a Beautiful thing. To insist that all people are equal in Dignity, is important. And if a lot of Dating to do in public the Same, it creates the visibility and, at least temporarily, a sense of community.

Publicity that pays for itself

More than four million posts on Instagram#challenge accepted counts “” already, although it is unclear who has set up the Hashtag in the world. A Brazilian journalist, as the “New York Times,” suspects? A Marketing Company? One way or the other, is: Such actions may be well intentioned, but, above all, those look good, the join. For the Whole, at least in liberal societies is not often cheap, because free-of-charge, but may pay off as a Publicity right. A black image tile, and it has positioned itself as an ostentatious anti-racist on the side of the Good; himself black-and-white scanned, the Selfie is no longer badge of narcissism, but a feminist Statement. Who doesn’t mittut, in contrast, is quickly suspicious.