CIBC Honored as Corporate Partner of the Year for Affordable Housing Initiatives

CIBC US has been recognized as the Corporate Partner of the Year by The Housing Partnership for its ongoing efforts to support affordable housing solutions for low- and moderate-income families. The Housing Partnership, a key player in the community housing sector, works to provide housing options and promote community development for residents in the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

“At CIBC, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has a safe and stable place to call home,” said Amy Yuhn, Head of US Personal and Community Development Banking at CIBC. The award highlights CIBC’s dedication to helping families achieve their dream of homeownership through various programs and resources.

Through its partnership with The Housing Partnership, CIBC has made a significant impact by providing essential resources such as homebuyer education, down payment assistance, and home improvement solutions. These initiatives have helped make homeownership more accessible for families facing financial barriers.

Steve Bahru, senior community lender at CIBC Bank USA, has been a key figure in this partnership, conducting financial literacy and homebuyer seminars to support first-time homebuyers. This is the second time CIBC has received the Corporate Partner of the Year award, showcasing their ongoing commitment to affordable housing.

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