Top Economic Events to July 31 – A Comprehensive Guide

June 8 (Reuters) – As we head towards the end of July, here are the top economic events to look out for in the upcoming weeks:

– On Tuesday, June 11, key events include speeches by ECB bank supervisors in Frankfurt and Dublin, as well as a financial conference in Paris.
– Wednesday, June 12, will see important discussions in Frankfurt and London, featuring ECB policymakers and board members.
– Thursday, June 13, will have events in New York, Ottawa, and Tokyo related to monetary policy and economic outlook.
– Friday, June 14, will witness participation by ECB board members in Madrid and Frankfurt, along with a general council meeting in Stockholm.
– Saturday, June 15, will feature a speech by an ECB board member in Frankfurt.
– Monday, June 17, will see events in Chicago and Philadelphia related to economic policy and outlook.
– Tuesday, June 18, will have speeches by Federal Reserve Bank officials in St. Louis and Chicago.
– Wednesday, June 19, will include the publication of the minutes of the Bank of Canada’s monetary policy meeting in Ottawa.
– Thursday, June 20, will feature meetings in Richmond, Luxembourg, and Oslo related to monetary policy.
– Sunday, June 23, will see the release of board members’ opinions from a Bank of Japan policy meeting.
– Monday, June 24, will have a speech by the Bank of Canada governor in Ottawa.
– Tuesday, June 25, will include keynote addresses by Federal Reserve Board governors in St. Louis and New York City.
– Wednesday, June 26, will see a conference in Helsinki and a monetary policy meeting in Stockholm.
– Thursday, June 27, will have events in London and Stockholm related to monetary policy decisions.
– Friday, June 28, will feature a speech in Paris by the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.
– Monday, July 1, will see a speech by the ECB President in Sintra, Portugal.
– Tuesday, July 2, will include speeches by central bank governors from around the world at the ECB Forum on Central Banking.
– Wednesday, July 3, will feature speeches by central bank governors in Frankfurt.
– Wednesday, July 10, will see a monetary policy review by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.
– Wednesday, July 17, will include the release of the Beige Book by the Federal Reserve.
– Thursday, July 18, will feature conferences in Dallas and Frankfurt related to monetary policy decisions.
– Friday, July 19, will mark the conclusion of a conference in Dallas.
– Wednesday, July 24, will see a key policy interest rate announcement by the Bank of Canada.
– Tuesday, July 30, will mark the start of a two-day meeting by the U.S. Federal Reserve on interest rates.
– Wednesday, July 31, will see the announcement of the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates, followed by a news conference.

Stay tuned for updates on these important economic events as they unfold.