Every year in the month of March, Father’s Day is celebrated in Spain. A day that takes place on March 19, the day of San José and that sometimes also brings with it a holiday in the work calendar.

However, this 2023 March 19 falls on a Sunday. This has caused it to be established in the BOE as one of the so-called “substitutable holidays” and that it has been the autonomous communities that have chosen whether to move the party to the following Monday, March 20.

Thus, only one autonomous community has chosen to move the holiday from San José Sunday (March 19) to March 20. It is the Community of Madrid.

It is striking that it is not a holiday in the Valencian Community, whose capital celebrates the Fallas 2023 that week with the day of San José, patron saint, marking the end of the festivities with the Cremà. The fact that the 19th falls on a Sunday and that the Valencians have up to four consecutive Mondays in April justify this circumstance.

For the arrival of the next holiday in all of Spain, we will have to wait for the month of April. Specifically, it will be on April 7, Good Friday, when the next national holiday arrives.

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