It is time for the people of Madrid to prepare the costumes, masks and paintings. The Madrid Carnival 2023 arrives, which this year is celebrated from February 17 to 22 with an agenda where the most traditional carnival acts merge with fun and liberating festivities of all kinds.

Madrid Río and Matadero Madrid are once again the main stage of the carnivals in the capital of Spain. The program starts with the inaugural Great Carnival Parade, which returns after two years of absence due to the pandemic. Directed by the Yllana theater company, the act has more than 100 artists. Tightrope walkers, giants, swordsmen, stilt walkers, jugglers or musicians star in a parade that pays homage to Madrid de los Asturias, the Movida and Madrid mythology and that will have multicultural overtones, thanks to the involvement of cultural associations from Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina or Chile.

The Madrid Carnival has more activities with a long tradition, such as the Círculo de Bellas Artes Masked Ball, the murgas and chirigotas that will make an ingenious review of the city’s current affairs or two popular activities already immortalized by Goya. We are talking about the manteo del pelele and the Burial of the Sardine, which symbolizes the act of returning the costumes to the trunk, silencing the fanfare and burying the humble fish with all the honors in order to thus prepare for Lent.

This 2023, the Burial of the Sardine turns 250 and the urban art collective Puppet Mindz and Mapeaa cultura, in collaboration with the Alegre Brotherhood of the Burial of the Sardine, presents an exhibition at Quinta del Sordo, until March 30. Likewise, the fourth edition of the “El Cortejo de la Sardina” route is celebrated, an initiative in which more than a hundred establishments (market stalls, pastry shops or restaurants) offer their special and original interpretations of the sardine.

Madrid in Carnival is also music and Matadero Madrid offers free concerts by Varry Brava and Jimena Amarillo and sessions by DJs Laura Put, Adrián Lefreak and David Puron.

The carnival will have a multitude of activities spread over the different districts of the capital from February 10 to 24. Concerts, theater, costume contests, parades, brass bands, film sessions, workshops or children’s games are just some of the proposals that will fill every corner of the city.

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