Glasgow’s DRG Acquires Paesano and Sugo in Eight-Figure Deal

Three of Glasgow’s most beloved restaurants have been acquired in a significant deal by the city’s hospitality giant.

The DRG, known for its ownership of Di Maggio’s, Café Andaluz, and Amarone chains, has purchased the two Paesano Pizza restaurants and Sugo Pasta outlet in what is believed to be an eight-figure transaction.

Despite the current economic challenges, the DRG has announced plans to expand both brands following the acquisition.

The original owner of Paesano, Paul Stevenson, established the Neapolitan pizza concept in Scotland with the opening of the first Paesano on Miller Street in 2015. The success of the restaurant led to the launch of a second outlet on Great Western Road and the Sugo Pasta brand in 2019.

With a combined turnover of over £15m last year and employing more than 230 staff, the restaurants have become among the busiest dining spots in the country, attracting around 22,000 diners weekly.

The DRG’s acquisition signals a new chapter for Paesano and Sugo, with plans to open additional outlets under both brands in different locations. The expansion aims to preserve the unique essence and family-owned nature of the restaurants while driving growth.

The move reflects the DRG’s commitment to developing exciting restaurant concepts successfully, with previous ventures including the expansion of Café Andaluz to Edinburgh and plans to enter the London market.

The collaboration between the DRG and Paul Stevenson highlights a shared vision for the future of Paesano and Sugo, ensuring the continuation of the brands’ success in a competitive market.

As the hospitality landscape evolves, the acquisition sets the stage for further growth and innovation within the DRG portfolio, promising new opportunities for staff and continued excellence in dining experiences.