GoNetspeed Expands Fiber Network Coverage in Lockport

GoNetspeed recently announced the completion of its fiber optic network construction in Lockport, providing high-speed internet access to over 8,700 properties in the city and town. The senior director of New York Network Operations, Chris Brooks, highlighted the benefits of the new infrastructure, emphasizing the reliable and fast internet service now available to residents.

A company representative revealed that the network is accessible to approximately 7,000 locations within the city limits and 1,800 locations in the surrounding town. Interested individuals can check service availability at gonetspeed.com. The company’s investment in the local network totaled $9 million, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing connectivity in Lockport.

Overall, the completion of GoNetspeed’s fiber network marks a significant milestone in improving internet access and connectivity options for the community. Residents can now enjoy a seamless online experience with the latest technology in place.

Chris Brooks is the senior director of New York Network Operations at GoNetspeed. With a background in telecommunications, he has played a key role in expanding the company’s fiber optic network coverage in Lockport. Brooks is dedicated to providing high-speed internet solutions to communities and driving technological advancements in the region.