Growth Stocks with High Insider Ownership in Focus for June 2024

Amidst the Canadian market’s stabilization and potential recovery, investors are eyeing growth companies with substantial insider ownership on the TSX. In a period where economic and market normalization is underway, stocks with significant insider stakes are gaining attention for the confidence they signal from those deeply familiar with the company’s trajectory. Here are some notable picks from the list of top 10 growth companies with high insider ownership in Canada:

**Payfare (TSX:PAY)**
– Insider Ownership: 15%
– Earnings Growth: 57.7%

**goeasy (TSX:GSY)**
– Insider Ownership: 21.7%
– Earnings Growth: 15.9%

**Vox Royalty (TSX:VOXR)**
– Insider Ownership: 12.4%
– Earnings Growth: 77.3%

**Allied Gold (TSX:AAUC)**
– Insider Ownership: 22.5%
– Earnings Growth: 68.2%

**Aritzia (TSX:ATZ)**
– Insider Ownership: 19%
– Earnings Growth: 51.2%

**ROK Resources (TSXV:ROK)**
– Insider Ownership: 16.6%
– Earnings Growth: 159.6%

**Aya Gold & Silver (TSX:AYA)**
– Insider Ownership: 10.2%
– Earnings Growth: 51.6%

**Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:IVN)**
– Insider Ownership: 13.1%
– Earnings Growth: 65.3%

**Artemis Gold (TSXV:ARTG)**
– Insider Ownership: 31.8%
– Earnings Growth: 48.8%

**Almonty Industries (TSX:AII)**
– Insider Ownership: 12.3%
– Earnings Growth: 105%

For a full list of 30 stocks from our Fast Growing TSX Companies With High Insider Ownership screener, refer to our comprehensive analysis. Let’s delve deeper into a couple of highlighted companies from the selection:

**Aritzia (TSX:ATZ)**
Aritzia Inc. is a leading Canadian retailer focusing on women’s apparel and accessories, with a market capitalization of approximately CA$4.17 billion. Despite recent dips in net income and profit margins, the company is projected for substantial revenue growth in the coming years, backed by a stable insider ownership of 19%.

**Ivanhoe Mines (TSX:IVN)**
Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. is a prominent mining company with operations primarily in Africa, boasting a market capitalization of around CA$23.26 billion. The completion of its Phase 3 concentrator at the Kamoa-Kakula Copper Complex is expected to boost copper production, positioning the company as a major player in the global market.

**Savaria (TSX:SIS)**
Savaria Corporation specializes in accessibility solutions and has shown strong growth potential, with insider ownership at 19.6%. The company’s revenue growth is anticipated to outpace the Canadian market average, supported by recent strategic moves and governance enhancements.

For further insights on these companies and more, explore our detailed analytical reports and valuation assessments to make informed investment decisions. Unlock the potential of high insider ownership growth stocks on the TSX and stay ahead in the market trends.