Huawei to Empower Digital Transformation in Morocco with Extensive Solutions

In a recent interview with MAP during Gitex Africa 2024, Huawei Morocco Vice President Jason Chenxiaolei expressed the company’s commitment to supporting digitalization efforts in Morocco. With over 35 years of experience in the digitalization sector, Huawei is prepared to share its knowledge and expertise with the North African country.

Chenxiaolei highlighted Huawei’s existing collaborations with three operators and multiple companies in Morocco to establish top-notch networks and digital infrastructure. These efforts aim to ensure the seamless operation of various applications and services in the country.

Having been present in Morocco for more than two decades, Huawei has identified the key challenges in the digitalization landscape of the country. Chenxiaolei praised Morocco’s progressive approach to infrastructure development and emphasized the nation’s potential as a leader in Africa for digital investments.

As part of Gitex Africa, Huawei is organizing a summit to assist its customers in Morocco in adopting the best practices for digital transformation. Chenxiaolei also commended the government’s unwavering support for digital initiatives, recognizing it as a crucial enabler for the younger generation in the country.

With a diverse range of solutions and a wealth of experience, Huawei is poised to play a pivotal role in driving digital innovation and progress in Morocco.