Major UK Airport Introduces New Security Technology Allowing More Liquids in Cabin Baggage

Passengers at Southend Airport will be delighted to learn about the new security measures that have been implemented, allowing them to pack more liquids in their cabin baggage. London Southend Airport has introduced a state-of-the-art technology called C3, which permits travelers to bring electronic items like laptops, iPads, and tablets in their bags.

Furthermore, all passengers will now undergo a body scanner check as part of enhanced security procedures. Thanks to these advancements, holiday-goers can now carry liquid items up to two liters in their cabin baggage, making their travel experience more convenient.

The CEO of London Southend Airport, Marc Taylor, expressed his excitement about the new technology, emphasizing the airport’s commitment to providing a safe and efficient travel experience for passengers. He highlighted that the introduction of C3 screening and 100 percent body scanners represents a significant technological advancement for the airport.

In addition to the security upgrades, easyJet has announced the opening of a new base at London Southend Airport, offering six new flights to popular holiday destinations. Starting in the summer of 2025, travelers will have access to routes such as Pisa, Gran Canaria, Marrakech, Antalya, Dalaman in Turkey, and Enfidha in Tunisia.

This new base will be easyJet’s 10th in the UK, featuring three 186-seat neo aircraft. With an increase in flights and routes, the airline is set to operate more UK flights than ever before, providing 57 million seats and 70 new routes across the country this year. Additionally, the establishment of the base will result in the creation of approximately 130 jobs for pilots and crew in the area.