At some retailers, customers who want to pay by card have been staring at the tube since Tuesday evening. Due to a software error, the devices of a certain type do not work. Manufacturers and financial service providers promise a remedy.

According to payment service providers and banks, payment by giro or credit card in Germany has been partially disrupted since Tuesday evening. “Like other network operators, we are currently experiencing significant nationwide restrictions on the processing of transactions with H5000 card payment terminals from the manufacturer Verifone,” said the payment service provider Payone. According to the first findings, the cause is a malfunction within certain versions of the software provided by the US manufacturer.

The Federal Association of German Banks, representing the German banking industry, made it clear that the terminals in question are completely unavailable for all payment types, but that the corresponding type only accounts for a small proportion of all devices used in Germany. “Network operators and technical service providers are working intensively on troubleshooting,” it said.

The financial service provider Concardis also confirmed the problem with the terminal type. However, a company spokesman made it clear that affected dealers should not restart the devices themselves. The devices should also remain connected to the power supply and network. This is the only way the manufacturer can solve the problem. Payone and Concardis also stated that they were in contact with Verifone and were working on solving the problem.