Pega GenAI Blueprint Revolutionizes App Design for Enterprises

Pegasystems Inc. unveiled a series of enhancements and a user-friendly interface for Pega GenAI Blueprint, a tool that allows organizations to redesign their critical workflows. With rapid adoption and new capabilities, this tool has sparked a transformation in how enterprises approach their workflows.

Since its launch, Pega GenAI Blueprint has gained momentum, with over 30,000 blueprints created by nearly 500 organizations. By leveraging generative AI, the tool designs tailored workflows based on industry best practices, making it easier to optimize legacy processes for the digital future.

New features include legacy transformation accelerators, live application previews, an improved user interface, data model generation, enhanced collaboration, and partner-supplied templates. These enhancements enable users to accelerate the design process, visualize their app interface, and collaborate more effectively.

Once the blueprint design is complete, it can be imported into Pega’s App Studio to create a working application. Pega GenAI Blueprint will be showcased at PegaWorld iNspire, where attendees can experience its capabilities firsthand.

Quotes & Commentary:
– Terri Henry from Aflac praises the speed and intelligence of Pega GenAI Blueprint in optimizing workflow designs.
– Greg Price from Virtusa highlights how the tool enhances Pega’s design capabilities and accelerates the design process.
– Mahesh Agrawal from Areteans recognizes the transformative potential of Pega GenAI Blueprint in customer journey modeling.
– Kerim Akgonul, chief product officer at Pega, emphasizes the revolutionary impact of Pega GenAI Blueprint on app design and organizational innovation.

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About Pegasystems:
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