Solana-Backed Hosts IO Summit Keynote, Unveils Future Plans

DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure network) recently held its highly anticipated keynote at the IO Summit, providing updates on the project’s progress and upcoming developments.

The event, which took place on June 4, 2024, was live-streamed and featured CEO and founder, Ahmad Shadid, along with his leadership team. Special guests included Anatoly Yakovenko, Solana founder, and Dr. Avery Ching, CTO of Aptos.

During the 40-minute broadcast, the team discussed’s successful Series A fundraising round, which raised $30 million in Q1, as well as the project’s current valuation and growing adoption rates.

Shadid expressed his gratitude to the community for their support and excitement for’s future plans, particularly in scaling the internet of GPUs and expanding DePIN capabilities. The keynote also revealed upcoming utilities being developed for’s platform. is a DePIN that offers decentralized GPU clusters on-demand from various sources, tailored for low-latency, high-processing use cases such as AI/ML operations and cloud gaming. The platform aims to democratize access to GPU compute capacity, reduce costs, and provide flexibility for engineers and businesses.

For more information on and its services, visit their website or contact Dan Edelstein from Market Across.

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