The PP supports parity, “in general”. In the Government, on the electoral lists or on the boards of directors. But he criticizes that Pedro Sánchez announces as “his own” a law to force the presence of women in high places when in reality it is the transposition of a European directive.

“Sánchez’s level of desperation leads him to give as a novelty a directive that he had to transpose,” Alberto Núñez Feijóo made ugly this Monday, in an act in Cáceres. “This is mandatory and the only thing the government does is comply with its obligation,” he said.

But that has only been the introduction of the depth charge that the president of the PP really wanted to launch, who has taken the opportunity to criticize the lack of “equality policies” in “the environments” of the president. “If you take the organization chart of La Moncloa, there are eight men and one woman. If there is a macho organization chart, it is the one that depends on the President of the Government,” Feijóo stressed.

Indeed, the official organizational chart of La Moncloa has eight men and a single woman, Aurora Mejía, who heads the Coordination Office for the EU Presidency. “As I say, the most macho structure is the one that depends on the President of the Government in the Moncloa Palace,” insisted Feijóo, who attended an event in Cáceres together with the president of the PP from Extremadura, María Guardiola. It must be remembered that the management structure of Genoa does not comply with parity either: in the leadership of Genoa there are seven men and two women.

Feijóo has delved into the feminist wound of the Executive, in full controversy over the Law of the only yes is yes and in the middle of the week of 8-M: “The optimal thing would be not to reach 8-M without having repealed Sánchez’s legal bungling with the Yes is yes”. “Sánchez has gone down in history,” added the leader of the PP, for having acted “against feminism.”

To try to counter this, the president of the popular has defended that his party was the first to approve a plan against gender violence, the first to sign the Istanbul agreement, the first to approve that the children of victims should also be victims and the one who promoted a plan with more than 230 measures.

Finally, Feijóo has announced that he will release the PP officials to attend the 8-M demonstrations. “Anyone from the PP has all his freedom to do what he deems appropriate.”

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