The commissioner of the National Police in the Malaga town of Fuengirola, José María Tocornal, has been arrested this Monday for omission of the duty to prosecute crimes, coercion, violation of secrets with serious damage to the public cause and discovery and disclosure of secrets.

According to sources from the investigation, EFE was arrested this morning along with the commissioner, Salomon Kadosh, a well-known hospitality businessman in the area, whom Tocornal had allegedly helped and revealed important information.

The sources have specified that after his transfer to police stations, he will be dismissed and suspended from employment and salary, while a disciplinary file will be opened.

The National Police has decreed the secrecy of the proceedings.

José María Tocornal was born 62 years ago in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, although he spent his childhood and youth in Cádiz. In 1983 he entered the Superior Police Corps as an Inspector and was initially assigned to Bilbao until 1992, when he was transferred to Huelva, where he worked until his promotion.

Already as chief inspector, in 2008 he was appointed head of the Provincial Brigade for Citizen Security of the Huelva capital, to move a little later, in 2011, as head of the Lucena-Cabra (Córdoba) police station. In January 2018, he assumed the position of commissioner of Fuengirola after being promoted again.

Tocornal has three police merit crosses with a white badge and more than a hundred public congratulations.

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