Who says spring also says opening of the calendar of tax returns. A compulsory formality, which can generate stress for the French, both in operation and in timing. In this article, you will find the complete instructions for approaching this tax step serenely.

The General Directorate of Public Finance communicated the dates in mid-March, which may differ from one department to another. Online, the 2023 income declaration service will open on the impots.gouv.fr website on Thursday, April 13. For departments located in the first zone (numbers 01 to 19, as well as non-residents), the deadline has been set for May 25. For the second zone (departments 20 to 54), it will be possible to provide information until June 1). And, for the last zone (from 55 to 974-976), the last carat will be June 8. In all three cases, you will have until 11:59 p.m. on the days indicated to finalize your request.

Please note that filing a paper declaration is still possible. But, in this case, the deadline will be anticipated by a few days on the online version, namely May 22, the postmark being authentic.

To declare your income, simply fill out the form in your personal space on the taxes.gouv.fr website. The information is already pre-filled. Identity, date and place of birth, taxable income, unemployment benefits… everything is already noted. All you have to do is check the accuracy of the information and add the information that the taxman did not know: birth of a child, donations and other deductible expenses.

All French adults (as well as people residing abroad but whose resources come from France) are affected by the declaration of income tax. Those who have not received any resource must also comply with this formality. This will allow them to obtain a non-taxation notice, which is required for certain aids.

Point of vigilance concerning the owners, who have a new declaration obligation this year. They now have to declare the occupancy of their homes on the “Manage my real estate” space on the impots.gouv.fr website, for all their real estate, whether it is their main residence, a property that they have rented out or a second home.