Dulceida was the protagonist of Planeta Calleja in its installment broadcast on Wednesday, February 15. Jesús Calleja traveled with her to Israel, where he asked her about her personal life and about her ex, Alba Paul. The ‘influencer’ said that he met her out partying and that they had a relationship for seven years.

“She has been my wife all this time and I would repeat it a thousand times,” he said after talking about his wedding. The presenter wanted to know the reason for their separation. She explained: “I think we settled a bit. It wasn’t working out as well as it always has.”

The interviewee pointed out that their romance was exposed to criticism in the networks and that they both suffered for it when they broke up. “They hurt both of us, but in different ways. Always, during the seven years of our relationship, a group of people has put me as the bad guy. We talked about it among ourselves, Alba told me: ‘They think I’m stupid , that I don’t make decisions,'” he shared.

Aida Domenech, the Catalan’s real name, commented that she received many insults and that she took legal action against a girl: “She was recruiting people to increase this hatred towards me and sometimes towards Alba. There is a complaint and we’ll see.”

Jesús Calleja asked him: “Are there any options for Alba to return?” The guest stated that she gets along very well with her ex: “In the end, she is the love of my life and I think I am hers. Now we have a very good relationship.” The presenter pointed out: “Maybe she is saved. Do you want to tell her something?” She replied: “That I love her.”

The Leonese indicated: “You get blandurri when I talk to you about her… That you come back with Alba.” The content creator said no: “Then the news… When we left it, a lot of rumors began to come out. They hooked me up with half of Spain, with people I don’t even know.”

Dulceida spoke on Planet Calleja about the world of ‘influencers’ and expressed about her future: “I’m worried about getting older and time… I always like to reinvent myself and do things, it’s my motivation. Yes, I see myself continuing with social networks, but much more focused on my company”.

The presenter asked him: “Who do you like the most?” The Catalan said that her favorite ‘influencer’ is Luc Loren: “He is one of my best friends, I love his content because he does everything. He cuts very little. I cut myself more because I have received hosts.”

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