Impressive Growth: Tetragon Financial Group’s Strong April 2024 Performance

Tetragon Financial Group, a closed-ended investment company listed on Euronext Amsterdam and the London Stock Exchange, has reported an impressive performance for April 2024. According to the company’s April 2024 Monthly Factsheet, Tetragon Financial has achieved a Net Asset Value of $2.78 billion, with a NAV per share total return of 1.1%.

The company’s shares are currently trading at $9.86, with a recent quarterly dividend of $0.11 per share, resulting in a dividend yield of 4.5%. It is worth noting that Tetragon Financial Group has emphasized that its shares are not intended for U.S. or European retail investors.

For investors looking for more insights into GB:TFG stock, TipRanks’ Stock Analysis page provides valuable information. Tetragon Financial Group’s strong performance in April 2024 demonstrates its resilience and potential for growth in the investment market.