Watch: Spirit Airlines Passengers Brace for Water Landing

(WJW) – Dramatic video footage from inside the cabin of a Spirit Airlines flight captured the tense moments as passengers prepared for a potential emergency water landing. The video, filmed by Bettina Rogers on her phone, shows the fear and panic among passengers as the plane made its way from Montego Bay, Jamaica to Fort Lauderdale.

The Airbus flight encountered a suspected mechanical issue, prompting the pilot to announce an emergency water landing procedure. Passengers, including Rogers seen in a life vest, were instructed to prepare for the landing as the aircraft turned back to Montego Bay.

Despite the terrifying situation, the flight landed safely, with orange life vests strewn across the cabin floor. Spirit Airlines later confirmed the incident, stating that the plane returned to Montego Bay as a precaution and that safety remains their top priority.

Rogers, who received a flight credit from the airline, recounted the harrowing experience to news outlets, highlighting the panic and fear among passengers during the ordeal. The aircraft is currently undergoing a thorough evaluation by the maintenance team before resuming operations.

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