Westbridge Energy Boosts Investor Relations Team – Exclusive Insights

Westbridge Energy (TSE:WEB) recently made a significant announcement regarding its investor relations team. The company, known for its focus on solar PV projects in North America and Europe, has taken a strategic step to enhance its shareholder engagement and corporate communications efforts.

In a bid to strengthen its market presence and foster investor relations across two continents, Westbridge Renewable Energy Corp. has onboarded seasoned consultants Joshua Cohen and Paul Adams for a six-month term. The consultants will be responsible for providing valuable insights and expertise in managing shareholder relationships and enhancing corporate communications strategies.

As part of the agreement, the consultants will receive a monthly fee along with stock options, showcasing Westbridge’s commitment to aligning their interests with those of the consultants. This move is aimed at further solidifying Westbridge’s position in the renewable energy sector and attracting potential investors looking to capitalize on the company’s growth prospects.

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