A Glorious Celebration of Witty Songwriter Tom Lehrer

Upstairs at the Gatehouse is currently hosting a sold-out show that pays tribute to the musical and mathematical genius, Tom Lehrer.

Written by Francis Beckett, the play titled “Tom Lehrer is Teaching Math and Doesn’t Want To Talk To You” features Shahaf Ifhar as the iconic US singer-songwriter Lehrer. Known for his sharp and humorous songs, Lehrer was a mathematics prodigy who turned to a career in music before ultimately becoming a math lecturer.

The production delves into Lehrer’s fascinating life, exploring the reasons behind his decision to leave the entertainment industry at the height of his fame. Through fictional journalist interviews, the play attempts to unravel the complexities of Lehrer’s character and career choices.

With Ifhar’s spot-on portrayal of Lehrer and pianist Harry Style’s captivating performances of Lehrer’s repertoire, the audience is treated to a night of entertainment filled with old favorites like “The Elements”, “The Vatican Rag”, and “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park”.

While the play may not provide a definitive answer to the question of why Lehrer made the career choices he did, it does offer a poignant and celebratory look at one of the brightest and wittiest satirists of our time.

“Tom Lehrer is Teaching Math and Doesn’t Want To Talk To You” will continue its run at Upstairs at the Gatehouse until June 9th.