After a serious train accident in Gifhorn, Deutsche Bahn extended the closure of the affected route a second time. The train service between Berlin and Hanover is to be canceled by mid-December, five long-distance lines are affected. Passengers must be prepared for delays.

After a serious freight train accident in the Lower Saxony district of Gifhorn, the railways again extended the closure of the route between Berlin and Hanover. The railway said that impairments are expected to last until December 16th. A high volume of travel is to be expected on the trains on the alternative routes.

The serious accident happened on Thursday last week. According to the federal police in Hanover, a freight train loaded with propane gas drove into a stationary freight train at around 3.30 a.m. near Leiferde in the Gifhorn district. 2 of a total of 25 cars with propane gas overturned and two more derailed. Two tank wagons developed leaks from which gas escaped. In addition, according to the information, the overhead line was demolished for several hundred meters. The locomotive was severely damaged and lifted off the tracks, the train driver was injured. As a result of the accident, emergency services had to partially pump out and flare off the gas.

According to initial investigations, the cause of the accident was human error. According to the Federal Police, the affected section was incorrectly released by a railway employee. She therefore allowed a freight train to pass at 40 kilometers per hour, which then drove onto the stationary train. It is determined because of dangerous interference in rail traffic and negligent bodily harm.

Initially, the railways spoke of a block until last Sunday, then they named November 27th. Five long-distance routes are affected, which have to be diverted. Some stops are canceled as a result, and there are also delays. Travelers should find out about their train connections before starting their journey. The company recommends avoiding non-essential travel. According to Deutsche Bahn, passengers who want to postpone their trip planned for December 16 can use their already booked ticket flexibly up to and including seven days after the end of the disruption.