Aloe Blacc Brings a Fresh Spin to No Doubt’s Classic Hit with Bruno Mars Vibes

On Friday, Aloe Blacc is set to drop his latest EP, Rock My Soul, where he puts his own twist on ’90s alternative rock anthems. This EP seems to playfully poke fun at those who remember jamming out to these songs on the airwaves back in the day. Following his covers of Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” and Nirvana’s “Lithium,” Aloe Blacc now presents his rendition of No Doubt’s iconic track, “Don’t Speak.”

Unlike his previous covers, “Don’t Speak” was always more of a pop ballad rather than a true alt-rock song. No Doubt, known for their ska roots, took a different approach with this emotional track that dominated the radio waves. While it’s not unusual for artists to put their own spin on popular songs, hearing Aloe Blacc’s smooth Bruno Mars-inspired version of “Don’t Speak” adds a unique twist to the beloved hit.

Aloe Blacc’s EP, Rock My Soul, is scheduled for release on 6/7. Be sure to check out his cover of “Don’t Speak” and compare it with the original by No Doubt.