The union Simap-Pas ensures that would be the only way to end the waiting lists

Doctors reported suffering retaliation in hospitals if they refuse to operate in the evenings

The Union of Doctors of Public Assistance (Simap-Pas) has filed a statement in the Department of Health with a critical very hard against the Plan Autoconcierto -surgical interventions in the afternoons and on Saturdays – because it is only a solution to the economic situation and cannot be applied as a solution to solve the problem of waiting lists.

In particular, from the Simap calls for states to establish “temporary appointments necessary every service” to be able to develop this work of care on a scheduled basis and permanent, and “to avoid excessive delay in the waiting lists for surgery and for performing the complementary tests”.

According to the union, with operations in the afternoon, “re-camouflage the need to give the right assistance in time and form, to the population, and that can’t be done due to lack of human resources for templates to be insufficient in the services involved, and turns it into a specific program in order to apply the remuneration additional add-on productivity regulated in article 43.2 c of the Statute Framework”.

The Simap accused of an evident lack of staff and considers that the Health “transforms and shirk its responsibility, as a public service, provide the means necessary to cover adequately and efficiently the health-care needs of the citizens, and it relies on a program of short-term, subject to budgetary provision, which is complex in its development and that, without a doubt, you will break the fairness of the health provision between different health departments”.

For the union, the plan of operations for the evenings, “has shown to be ineffective after so much time trying to solve problems of delays in the waiting list for surgical based to increase the hours ordinary working hours of the same personnel that make up the services, without increasing the human resources required for the activity of care real that they assume, and that is the real cause of the delays maintained at the time of the waiting lists”.

finally, the letter notes that “will not grow the stable employment while we accept, the Administration and the health workers, this type of solutions. Never consider seriously a salary increase while you opt to upload it to the base for more working hours and low paid”.

According to the criteria of

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