The joy at Mediaset has not lasted long. If last month, the audiovisual group chaired by Borja Prado began to reap the harvest of the so-called revolution of Alessandro Salem, the CEO who replaced Paolo Vasile, the month of May has once again clouded the brief sun that came out in April: the group has lost its leadership, which once again goes to Atresmedia (26.5%), despite the fact that it has one less channel.

Despite the fact that Telecinco continues to grow little by little in viewers and goes from an 11.2% audience share in April to 11.5% this month, Mediaset has not managed to sustain the long-awaited leadership (26.2 %), mainly because Antena 3, Atresmedia’s main channel, is the one that grows the most in a month of May where the number of viewers drops again. The chain grows to 13.5%, and, in particular, in prime time, where Telecinco once again sinks to third position behind even La 1, which thanks to the rise of MasterChef, Eurovision and soccer grows in this range up to 10.8%.

Thus, Antena 3 leads prime time for the twenty-second consecutive month, growing 0.9% in the month of May and continues unstoppable with 14.5%, which represents an advantage of 4.3% over Telecinco, which falls to third position in this slot (10.2%), marking its worst record in prime time in a month of May. And not only in prime time, despite the 0.3% rise in share, Telecinco recorded its worst May in history.

In fact, prime time data is the most coveted by all the channels, since the commercial target in this time slot is the most appreciated by advertisers. Once again, Antena 3 leads this ranking, along with the channel with the most unique viewers, 12.4 million.

And all despite the fact that Telecinco’s nights have been improving in audience both in April and May thanks to Survivors. The reality show has been gaining viewers week after week. However, the rest of the channel’s programming in the queen strip of television is quite far from the data of Antena 3 or La 1.

The explanation is none other than the most watched entertainment programs on television, the majority broadcast in prime time, are from Antena 3. Starting with El Hormiguero, which repeats as the most watched program on television and the leader for another month -increases at 6.2% the distance over Telecinco and doubles La 1-, passing through Pasapalabra, which leads Telecinco in its slot by almost 12 points, Tu cara me suena, which continues to sweep Fridays (17.9%), Mask Singer, more than 7 points above Telecinco, or La Voz Kids, which remains undefeated on Saturday nights.

Along with the loss of viewers in the prime time of Telecinco, Mediaset is also added that Cuatro is the only channel that lowers its screen share in the month of May. It falls and registers the worst month in its history, 4.7%. In fact, it now also has the worst annual record in history, at 5%, for the third year in a row.

Meanwhile, laSexta, its main competitor, rose to 6.1%. It also conquered the lead over Cuatro in prime time -5.2% compared to 5% for Cuatro- with the good premieres of Anatomy of… or El camino a casa. In addition, Al Rojo Vivo registered its second best month of the season (10.2%) and was once again the program with the greatest contribution to the channel.

On the other side of the coin is La 1. RTVE’s main channel is one tenth away from recovering double digits in audiences, at 9.9%. Even so, the public channel registers its best May since 2018. It is true that this month La 1 has had Eurovision and football, but it is also the result of the success of La Promesa, which since its premiere in January in percentage terms has had a 47% share increase. “Spectacular”, say the experts.

In fact, the forecasts regarding La Promesa is that when Sálvame is finally cancelled, it will lead the first part of the afternoon slot, where it will have to compete with the 11% average screen share of Loving is forever and 13.8% of Original Sin, both from Antena 3.

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