As we enter the summer season, TV networks often air their less exciting shows to fill up the schedule. Bake Off: The Professionals, now in its seventh year, falls into this category. It seems like Channel 4 executives may not even watch the show themselves, but it’s a familiar name that can occupy Monday night airtime. Personally, I find MasterChef: The Professionals more engaging than the amateur version of the show. However, when it comes to Bake Off: The Professionals, I miss the original Bake Off charm.

The format of the show features six pairs of contestants, but there isn’t much time to really get to know them. Judge Cherish Finden tends to bark rather than speak, while Benoit Blin comes off as a slightly less friendly version of Fred Sirieix. The hosting duties have shifted from the funny Tom Allen to Ellie Taylor, who is not as entertaining. The highlight of the show is Liam Charles, a former Bake Off winner, who brings just the right amount of charm to his co-hosting role.

In the latest episode, the contestants were tasked with making miniature tarte aux fraises, with results varying in quality. One contestant admitted that their creation wasn’t fit for serving, not even to their cat. The showpiece challenge involved creating a trompe l’oeil pecan pie with a musical theme, adding a random twist to the competition. While some creations were impressive, such as a true-to-scale marimba, the judges didn’t seem as impressed.

The issue with Bake Off: The Professionals is that it feels outdated compared to newer baking shows. On platforms like Netflix, shows like Is It Cake? and Baking Impossible showcase professional bakers creating outrageous and innovative baked goods. Baking Impossible, in particular, combines trompe l’oeil baking with engineering, resulting in edible mini-golf courses and remote-controlled boats. In contrast, Bake Off: The Professionals can come across as dull and lacking in creativity.

While Bake Off: The Professionals may have its loyal viewers, it’s facing tough competition from more modern and inventive baking shows. As the TV landscape continues to evolve, it may be time for Bake Off: The Professionals to step up its game to keep up with the changing tastes of the audience.