Barry Keoghan’s Ex, Alyson Sandro, Shows Support for Single Mothers on Instagram

Barry Keoghan’s former girlfriend, Alyson Sandro, has been showing support for single mothers on her Instagram account. The actor and the dentist and orthopedic therapist were in a relationship for nearly three years before reportedly splitting in the summer of 2023. They share a son named Brando, who was born in August 2022.

Earlier this year, Barry praised Alyson as an “incredible mother” but did not provide further comments on their relationship. However, interest in Barry’s new relationship with Sabrina Carpenter peaked after the release of her music video for “Please Please Please,” which featured Barry.

Over the weekend, Alyson liked a comment on a recent photo of her and Brando, which commended single mothers for raising their children practically on their own. She had previously liked comments on the same post that praised her for her efforts.

It remains to be seen if Barry will respond to Alyson’s actions. We will provide updates as the situation unfolds.