Jeff Brazier’s Son Bobby to Team Up with Dad for Soccer Aid

Bobby Brazier is set to team up with his father, Jeff Brazier, for Soccer Aid, utilizing the training and coaching skills passed down from his dad. The 21-year-old actor, whose mother was the late Jade Goody, credited Jeff for his football skills and revealed that his father is more excited for the match than he is.

As Bobby gears up to play alongside celebrities like Usain Bolt and Roman Kemp at Stamford Bridge, he shared how Jeff has been pushing him to train and get into peak fitness for the big game. Despite his struggles with fame and the loss of his mother, Bobby remains focused on his passion for acting and the joy that dancing brings him.

Stay tuned as Bobby and Jeff Brazier hit the pitch for Soccer Aid, a match that promises to be a memorable father-son moment on the field.