Victoria Wood Statue in Bury Knocked Over in Late-Night Taxi Collision

A statue of comedian Victoria Wood was knocked over by a taxi driver in her hometown of Bury. Greater Manchester Police reported that the driver sustained minor injuries and was taken to the hospital after colliding with the two-meter-tall bronze sculpture just after 10 pm on Monday. No arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

The statue, unveiled in May 2019 after Wood’s passing from cancer in 2016, stands as a tribute to the beloved actress known for her work on “As Seen on TV.” Following the collision, her brother, Chris Foote Wood, expressed his shock, stating, “It’s a terrible shock to be told that your sister has been knocked down by a taxi, but Victoria always was tough and her bronze statue even more so. She’ll be back good as new very soon.”

Bury Council’s spokesman also commented on the incident, calling Victoria Wood a national treasure. The council is working on removing the statue to assess the extent of the damage. Plans are being made in consultation with Wood’s family regarding the next steps for the statue’s restoration.